Battery Cabinet

With our Patented technology, you are not going to need cables to connect the batteries to the system. you don't even need to know what "polarity" is. Just plug them in one by one and it's done.



Holds 6x ALTO-500Wh or ALTO-250Wh modules for a total of 3KWh of capacity


Start with a minimum of 2KWh and build up to the MAX capacity

Easy Install

One person can easily install it all
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This module has the following features:

  • Lithium Titanate
  • 50K+ cycles to EOL
  • Wide charge/discharge temperature range
  • Light weight
  • Truly modular and portable

With our patented1 cableless magnetic interconnect you don’t need any tools, insert away, the magnets take care of the rest

Model ALTO-500Wh
Voltage 12VDC Nominal (24v and 48v configurable)
Capacity 500Wh
Self discharge rate/month < 1%
MAX continuous Charge/Discharge rate 500Wh / 40Ah - (C/1)
Life Cycles 10k@100% DOD for 90% Capacity remaing
DOD 100%
Charge/Discharge Temperature -22° to 131° F (-30° to 55° C)4
Storage Temperature -40° to 131° F (-40° to 55° C)
Warranty10,000 Cyles or 25 Years on cells  10 Years BMS @ 100% DOD
Module Dimensions5.5” x 5.5” x 11.5” (14 x 14 x 27 cm)
Weight per module18 lb
Assembly NoWire

10,000 Cyles or 25 Years on cells 

10 Years BMS @ 100% DOD

1 Patent #: US 9,907,195 B2 

2 Please contact our sales for details on extending your BMS warranty to 15/20 year full terms 

3 We reserve the rights to modify any of the specifications 

4 Temperatures above 95°F 35°C will result in reduced life 

Built with the most lightweight & tough material!

Extremely versatile design, built to last.


Monitor the health and status of each battery.


Need more power? 
Add more modules.
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Packed with features.

Built super modular.


Need more power? 
Add more modules.

Low Carbon Footprint

Designed to be environmentally conscious and fully recyclable.

Wifi & Wired

Connect the way you want to track everything.

Full Stainless Steel

304 Steel - No Rust
30+ years longevity


Weather Proofed

Nema-3R equivalent

Fully Recyclable

Designed with the environment in mind.
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Split Comparison

Find the perfect size for your power needs.

Compact Size

Designed for smaller spaces with ability to be stacked for more storage.
Battery Capacity

Tall Size

Just plug the battery modules with the easy plug magnetic connectors one by one and it's done.
Battery Capacity
Easy to Install


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