Eliminate the headache of power outages.

In a power outage you suddenly face, the lights going out, the internet disconnecting, and the fridge not humming. With Adaptiphy's ALTO-UPS-1KW battery backup solution, you can keep your essentials running smoothly, even when the grid goes down.

Imagine never having to worry about noisy generators or expensive maintenance again.

Our ALTO-UPS-1KW is the solution you've been waiting for. It's easy to install, with our team of experts getting you up and running in just a few short hours.

Packed with features.

Here's what you get with our 

Reliable Power

A 1000W Grid interactive PureSine Inverter/Charger ensures your appliances stay powered, whether from the grid or generator.

Seamless Operation

Built-in ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) ensures power flows seamlessly to your appliances, keeping you connected without interruptions.

Expandable Capacity

Start with 2x ALTO-500Wh-1C batteries, and expand up to 3,000Wh as needed.

No Noise, No Fumes

Say goodbye to the noise and fumes of traditional generators. Our system operates quietly and cleanly, with no carbon footprint.


With a 25-year warranty on the battery and a cabinet designed to last 30 years, our ALTO-UPS-1KW requires minimal maintenance, giving you peace of mind for years to come.

Easy Expansion

Need more power? No problem. Our system is easily expandable, so you can add more batteries as your needs grow.

Compare the benefits of our solution.

Why Adaptiphy is the superior choice?
Feature Adaptiphy UPS Gas/Propane Generator
Installation Cost $6990.00 $13K ~ $15K
Install Time 1 to 2 hours 2 to 3 days
Noise No Noise Noisy when operating
Power Electric-powered, Expandable to 3KWh or 6KWh, 1000Wh battery (100W load for ~10 hours) Requires Natural Gas or Propane, 10,000W always burning more fuel
Maintenance No Maintenance, Battery replacement is a minute job, Operates 27+ Years Yearly oil change, power up testing, frequent replacements
Battery Longevity Cabinet is SS-304, batteries have aluminium case, no rust Will rust over time, powder coated steel
Warranty ALTO Warranty on the battery is 25 years Typically 1 to 2 years
Weather Durability Works in -30°C if installed outside, no heater needed Block heater needed if colder than -15°C to -20°C
Carbon Footprint Smallest footprint during manufacturing, No Fumes Large footprint, Lots of Fumes

Say goodbye to power outages and hello to a worry-free lifestyle today.

With Adaptiphy, you're not just buying a product, you're investing in uninterrupted comfort and convenience for your home.

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